Reviews of Cabo


"The most amazing newcomer."

   - Counter Magazine, Issue 50 Sept. 2010, in an article about the 2010 Origins Game Convention


"While the game is easy to learn, it takes a while to master. Once you get the hang of it, though, it's relatively simple-and a whole lot of fun-to play. So whether you have time to play a full game or just a round or two, Cabo is a magical, mystical, and mesmerizing way to pass the time."

   - Night and Weekends.com


"The premise of the game is simple enough, but the suspense while you play chicken/limbo with the other players is incredible. Nice illustrations, including a rainbow-barfing Cabocorn enhance the experience. What you end up with is a very fun family memory/gambling game."

   - Nathan M. on boardgamegeek.com


"Once I got the cards home I introduced my wife and 5-year old daughter to the game and we have been playing it every night this week. My daughter has quickly picked up the strategy and is a force to be reckoned with - mostly because her memory is better than ours. We also use the final scores and tallies to help her practice her addition.

Tonight I took the card over to my parent's house and introduced it to them. It was wonderful to see my daughter then playing with her grandparents. They played for almost two hours this evening and everyone had a good time. My parents even requested that we bring them over again sometime soon."

   - Ryan F. via e-mail


"Wanted to let you know we have already sold several copies of Cabo! We have been using the demo deck you gave us and everyone that sits down with us really enjoys the game. I really appreciate you taking the time to show us the game."

   -Top Shelf Games, Ft Wayne, IN, via email, a week after their first order.


"An instant hit with my family. It's a light, fun filler where you press your luck while remembering where your card values are in your four face down cards. You call Cabo when you think you are lower than everyone else. In my experience, this is when they all gang up on you and swap cards if they draw a swap."

   -Matt K. on boardgamegeek.com


CABO is currently on backorder and will be available again in the spring. Sorry!